Pet Policy

GUM AIR is committed to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all our
passengers, including those who wish to travel with their canine companions. 
To ensure the well-being of both passengers and pets, GUM AIR has established the following guidelines for the carriage of dogs on board our aircraft.


  1. Vaccination Requirements:
  • Passengers wishing to bring their dogs on board GUM AIR flights must present a valid vaccination card upon check-in.  
  • The vaccination card should demonstrate that the dog has received all the required vaccines as specified by local regulations.  
  • For international travel, passengers must also provide the necessary importation/exportation permit as per the destination country’s regulations.  
  1. PetCarriage Container:
  • Dogs must be placed in an appropriate pet carriage container that meets GUM AIR’s safety standards.  
  • The container should be well-ventilated, clean, and provide sufficient space for the dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.  
  • It should be securely latched and designed to prevent any escape during the flight.  
  1. Advance Notification:
  • Passengers must notify GUM AIR of their intention to travel with a dog at the time of booking.  
  • Advance notification is essential to ensure that proper arrangements can be made to accommodate the pet and other passengers on the flight.  
  • Late notifications may result in the inability to accommodate the pet on the desired flight. 
  1. PetCare During Flight:
  • Passengers are responsible for the well-being and care of their dogs during the flight.  
  • Dogs should remain in their pet carriage containers throughout the flight.  
  • Passengers should provide necessary food, water, and any comfort items for their dogs.  
  • Passengers should also be prepared to clean up any pet-related messes promptly.  
  1. PetBehavior and Safety:
  • Dogs must be well-behaved and not pose a disturbance or safety hazard to other passengers or the flight crew.  
  • GUM AIR reserves the right to refuse carriage of any dog that exhibits aggressive behaviour or poses a threat to the safety and comfort of other passengers.  
  1. Liability:
  • GUM AIR will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pets during carriage, but passengers travel with pets at their own risk.  
  • GUM AIR shall not be liable for any harm or injury to pets during the flight.  
  1. Updates and Changes:
  • GUM AIR reserves the right to update or modify this pet carriage policy as needed. Passengers are encouraged to review the policy before each trip to ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

At Gum Air we strive to make every passenger’s travel experience safe and comfortable, including those who are travelling with dogs. We kindly request your cooperation in adhering to our guidelines, which are designed to ensure the well-being of both pets and passengers. For additional information or inquiries, please visit our website or reach out to our customer service team. 

Effective Date: Monday, September 4 2023