Check-In & Boarding

  • Passengers must present themselves at the airport of departure at least two hours before
    scheduled departure time to complete the check-in formalities and to undertake all security
    screening procedures.
  • Passengers who attempt to check-in after the flight has closed, or with insufficient time to
    complete the required security, customs or immigration procedures will be not be accepted on
    that flight.
  • Flight will be closed forty-five minutes prior to flight departure. Passengers presenting
    themselves for check-in after this period may be denied boarding and in that event, their
    applicable fare will be forfeited.
  • Passenger must have ID on check-in in the form of a valid passport
  • Passengers are responsible for researching and meeting all applicable requirements for travel
    documents prior to booking or checking-in for flights. GUM AIR reserves the right to deny
    boarding to any passenger who fails to present the required travel documents upon check-in at
    any gateway, at the passenger’s expense.