Cancellation & Refund Policy

GUM AIR will make available for sale to the travelling public, multiple, varying fare levels/types
for travel between individual city pairs. Each available fare class is governed by its discreet
rules. Availability for purchase of a particular fare class is determined by set parameters such as
‘Age’ of the passenger; how far in advance the purchase is made; flight change/refund
availability and unsold capacity at the time of purchase.
Some fare levels are designed and advertised as ‘Non Refundable/No Change of Reservation
Permitted’. In those cases, voluntary changes of reservation are not permitted and the
Passenger purchases such travel on a strict ‘Use It OR Lose It’ basis. In extenuating
circumstances where a passenger is severely inconvenienced by GUM AIR; and, at the Carrier’s
discretion, full or partial refunds may be processed and credited to the purchaser’s credit card.