Baggage Allowances and Limits

Due to the different aircraft types and destinations, baggage limits are unique to each
destination. Please read carefully the baggage allowance and limits for your destination as
well as rules that relate to all destinations.

Suriname - Guyana
C208B Cessna Grand Caravan
The maximum combined free baggage allowances for both cabin and checked luggage is: 15 kg
Any Item of baggage exceeding the size or weight limit may not be accepted at passenger
check-in. If space is available you will be subject to excess baggage charges

Cabin Baggage
Please note that this flight is serviced by the Cessna Caravan C208 and cannot accommodate
cabin baggage.

Note: Regular size carry-on baggage that normally fits in the overhead bins of large body aircraft will not fit in the cabin of our aircraft. Therefore these sizes of baggage will have to be placed in the hold of the aircraft.

Suriname - Guyana
Suriname - French Guyana
Beech 1900D Aircraft
The maximum free baggage allowance for cabin baggage is: 10 kg (23lbs), consisting of 1 carry – on and 1 personal item and must be able to be stowed completely under the seat in front of him/her. This may include men’s and ladies handbags, laptop computer bags, baby bags, camera bags and small carry-on bags with items of clothing and personal effects. Cabin Baggage shall not exceed any of the following external dimensions: Height 18cm (7 inches), Width 30cm (12 inches) and length 33cm (13 inches).

Any piece that exceeds the maximum allowable dimensions (unable to fit under the seat in front of the passenger) or maximum allowable weight for a Cabin Bag, will be taken from the passenger and placed in the aircraft’s hold as checked baggage. It will also be included in the passenger’s checked baggage allotment for purposes of computing excess baggage charges.
If space is available you will be subject to excess baggage charges.

Some rates include 1 checked bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs)

Passengers are reminded that there are security regulations in place governing the carriage of liquids and gels in Carry-on Baggage. All travelers on GUM AIR LTD. flights are requested to familiarize themselves with the regulations of the National / Airport Authorities at all points on their GUM AIR LTD. itineraries; and to strictly observe these regulations in order to avoid delays and or inconvenience en route.

Maximum Combined Linear Dimensions
The total linear dimensions (i.e. Length plus Width plus Height) of any item of baggage must not exceed 157cm (62 Inches). Wheels, pockets and handles will be included in the computation of the maximum allowable dimensions.

1. Checked Baggage Limits as per above destinations.
2. Checked baggage will be delivered to bearer of the baggage check.
3. Excess Baggage
Charges apply for any weight in excess of the GUM AIR free checked baggage allowance at the
rates fixed from time to time by GUM AIR.
Further details on extant rates at any given time can be obtained from any GUM AIR Office.
4. Excess Baggage Carriage Restrictions
Excess baggage is carried subject to space availability and hence may not be carried on the same
aircraft as the passenger but may be transported on a subsequent flight. The passenger is
responsible for collection of excess baggage and/or any other related delivery expenses at the
port of destination shown on his Ticket.
5. Excess Baggage Limit
Total baggage exceeding 50 pounds will not be accepted as excess baggage.
6. Valuable Items
All baggage should be locked. Items of value – such as money, jewelry, precious metals,
negotiable papers, securities, business documents or the like – should be carried by Passengers
on their person or in cabin baggage under your care.
7. GUM AIR is not liable for loss or damage to property during carriage resulting from
inherent defect quality or service of goods carried.
8. GUM AIR may refuse to carry as baggage any item reasonably considered by the carrier
to be unsuitable for carriage because of its size, shape, weight, content, character, or for safety
or operational reasons, or the comfort of other passengers and crew.
9. At its sole discretion, GUM AIR may refuse to accept baggage for carriage unless it is
properly and securely packed in suitable containers.
10. Passenger baggage is subject to search and/or scan for restricted/prohibited items. GUM
AIR will not accept liability for loss of or damage to any Prohibited Item (as defined herein) that
is removed from a passenger’s baggage or confiscated.
11. GUM AIR recommends that passengers securely lock all items of Checked Baggage and
place Identification stickers with their Name and Full Contact details on the outside and inside.
Valuables, electronic equipment and medications are not to be packed in Checked Baggage.
12. All passengers on GUM AIR’s flights must take special care to positively identify their
checked baggage before claiming it on arrival and removing it from the Arrivals Area of
destination airports.
13. In the event that baggage is damaged or misplaced due to negligence of the airline, GUM
AIR will reimburse to the value of US$300 as an estimated cost of suitcase, clothing and toiletries.
GUM AIR will not be liable for any cash or valuables claimed to be in baggage as stated in item 6.