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The village is situated in the resort Tapanahoni, on the Lawariver on the border with French Guiana and northern suits in the Marowijne. Benzdorp located near the rapids of Oemankrassiabra.

Around 1885, gold was found in this area between the Lawa and Tapanahoni rivers but since it had not been established how the boundary ran between the Dutch and the French colony, the case was presented to Russian Tsar Alexander III. In May 1891 the area was awarded to Suriname. In 1902 Cornelis Lely, who was governor of Suriname, decided that the Lawaspoorweg by the government would be created. Through the railway, the gold from the Lawa area could be transported to Paramaribo. The railroad would total more than 350 kilometers. Due to falling gold discoveries only the first half from Paramaribo was built built and half was later dropped.

Around 1974 the population of this town shrunk to about 10 people. Nowadays, many prospectors including relatively high garimpeiros (Brazilian prospectors) look for gold near Benzdorp.. In today Benzdorp live an estimated 600 people, of which two thirds come from Brazil and the rest mainly Ndyuka (Ndjuka) Maroons.

Benzdorp is originally a Aluku (or Aloekoe or Boni) village.


Cottica is a town in the district of Sipaliwini, Suriname. It is located on the border with French Guiana Marowijne River flows through the town.


Gakaba is a village in the district of Sipaliwini. It is located on the border with French Guyana. The Gakaba airfield is mostly used as a transit point for nearby villagers. Efforts are now being made to develop tourism in Gakaba.